Wireframing the homepage for m2volt on Curio

We have built so many different websites from e-commerce, to portfolios, to database solutions but I wanted to go back to where it all started and dig up a simple video that I made which shows the process of developing the wire frames for the homepage of our company’s site, m2volt. The software I use in the video, Curio, is what I still use today for project management, concept of design, mind-mapping, and wire frames.  It is an awesome program for the mac that combines simplicity of use with some incredibly powerful features.  I will posting more videos in the future of tips and techniques with Curio but for now I hope you enjoy the very beginning of how we started m2volt.  If you would like more detail of Curio you can read about it in another post that I wrote, Business on a Mac? Simple. You can view the video more clearly if you view in full screen so I would suggest doing so.  After you watch the video be sure to check out our homepage and see how the wire frame came to life.  Enjoy the not so quick 5 minute video and feel free to fast forward if you like….

Do you use a wire framing software?  What do you prefer?  Do you use any programs that do multiple functions like Curio or stick to unique programs for different tasks?  Would love your input.

-Shane Mac

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